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Zeitgeist of Time


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Zeitgeist of Time

            Vienna’s psychologists were not just well known for their theories at the time; they were also recognized for often being politically active as well. Erik Erikson along with several of the well-known psychologists that lived in Vienna at that time had to leave their location when the Nazis were coming into power. Since the majority of these psychologists were either Jewish or socialist, several leading psychologists were better off leaving and this included Erikson himself. He was pressured into leaving Vienna and that is when he traveled to the United States. What one must acknowledge is that Erikson’s work was big enough to spread all over the world when he first started out and most definitely after he passed away. WW II was something that was going on at the time and Erikson was eager to pursue this study. He ended up working with troubled American soldiers and the combat crisis that they had to undergo. He even helped internationally throughout his lifetime by working with child-rearing practices at Yurok along the Pacific Coast and even in India with Social Behavior. However, Erikson did not stop there. Instead, he continued learning and working with the latest changes that America was undergoing and created new topics that were needed to be discussed. America is endlessly changing and Erikson was able to point this out and he even wrote about issues concerning the dangers of nuclear war, the generation gap, juvenile delinquents, and even ethnic tensions. Erikson lived until the year 1994 and it is safe to say that he was aware of what was going on in the United States. Erikson was even sometimes the first to touch on subjects that previous psychologists were not able to relate to, and this is due to the fact that they just did not live around the same period that he did.


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